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Who Pays for Make-up Services for a Wedding?

N3 Beauty, LLC

Feb 21, 2023

Should my bridesmaids pay for their own make-up service? Who should cover the cost of my Bridal Party? Learn more about some of the most common practices when it comes to services for your wedding... a question many brides-to-be ask themselves. With the overwhelming responsibility and cost of planning a wedding now surpassing $44,000 in the Los Angeles, California area; it is no wonder why couples find themselves asking who should pay for what.

Top 3 Options (from most common to least common):

  1. The bride covers the full cost of both hair and make-up services for the mother of the bride, the mother-in-law-to-be, and all bridesmaids. Quite often, we find that many have different preferences when it comes to wearing make-up; somewhere make-up nearly every day, while others prefer not to wear make-up at all. In this case, the bride will most likely ask or want that each bridesmaid wears make-up and professionally style their hair for the wedding. This is one of the primary reasons we find that the bride covers all costs, as they are somewhat wishing, asking, or requiring that all bridesmaids wear make-up and have a styled updo.

  2. The bride covers one of the services and the bridal party. This is also a common option for brides who are willing to sacrifice one of the services or are looking to reduce costs. For example, the bride covers the make-up services but asks that the bridesmaids cover the cost of their hair services, or style their hair on their own. In this case, we also see that the bride will cover the cost of their bridal party or bridal shower.

  3. The bride selects a make-up artist and/or hair stylist but asks that all bridesmaids cover the cost of their service. This is often the least common option, but nonetheless, the overwhelming cost of a wedding can lead some to select this option as their best option.

In all cases, brides generally will cover the costs associated with bridal showers or bridal parties since they are occasions to celebrate the exciting change in the bride's life!

There is no right or wrong option, as all parties involved or participating in the wedding process should deeply understand that make-up and hair services are a small fraction of the overall costs to put together a memorable wedding.

The N3 Beauty team is happy to work will all brides to plan their services. Our goal is always to provide exceptional services, an incredible experience and above all, to make the bride feel just as beautiful on the outside as they truly are on the inside.

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